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Flawless Complexion Mineral Foundation SPF 15
From £5.00
For The Flawless, Healthy Skin You Long For, Invest In The Power Of The All Natural Mineral Powder By Saiya! Are you sick and tired of using low quality powders that make your skin look pale and unnatural? Indulge In The Luxurious Feel Of The Saiya Face Powder- Your Face...
Natural Organic Lipgloss
Saiya’s Natural Lipgloss uses the purest organic oils and waxes to achieve a vibrant colour glow whilst gliding over your lips without greasiness or stickiness. Each shade uses organic pigments for natural looking shades which still provide a beautiful boost of colourful gloss to your lips. Plus, the natural waxes...
Mineral Finishing Powder SPF 15
This special blend of 100% natural earth minerals helps to set your foundation, minimise any fine lines and enhance the beauty of your skin complexion. Saiya Mineral Finishing Powder uses extra-light powder with subtle shades and a natural matt effect which combats shine. Apply it as a finishing powder, use...
Mineral Eye Shadow SPF 15
Bring your eyes to life with a splash of vibrant colour thanks to Saiya’s Mineral Eye Shadow. This makeup uses the natural colours of 100% pure earth minerals to create stunning shades which still give you a natural look provided by nature itself. Saiya’s Mineral Eye Shadow effortlessly blends into...
Mineral Colour Corrector SPF 15
The special green and yellow hues of Saiya’s 100% pure earth mineral colour corrector effortlessly blend into the colours of your own skin to neutralise uneven skin tones, dark marks, blotches, blemishes, veins and redness. Apply the green mineral corrector to significantly soften the appearance of blemishes, veins and redness,...
Mineral Brow Liner SPF 15
The 100% pure earth minerals in Saiya’s Mineral Brow Liner have been especially selected for their dark, vibrant colours to act as a brilliant alternative to pencils. Instead of scraping over the delicate skin of your eyes with a pencil packed with chemicals, simply apply Saiya’s Mineral Brow Liner Powder...
Mineral Cheek Powder SPF 15
There are incredibly vivid and beautiful colours in nature, and the same goes for earth’s natural minerals. Instead of applying artificial dyes and chemicals to your skin, choose Saiya’s Mineral Cheek Powder for vibrant shades which nourish and protect your skin every time you wear them. No dyes and no...
Mineral Face Shimmer SPF 15
Bring the beautiful colours of nature to your makeup collection with Saiya’s Mineral Face Shimmer. 100% of the earth’s purist minerals chosen for their natural, shimmering shades. Mineral Face Shimmer doesn’t lie on your skin, but it blends in to achieve a natural, glowing shimmer without artificial dyes or chemicals...
Mineral Blender SPF 15
Our vast range of shades are designed to blend with your existing skin tone for a beautiful, natural look. However, if you want to take it one step further, try Saiya’s Mineral Blender. Once you have your base shade of natural mineral foundation, you can add our range of natural...
Mineral Body Shimmer SPF 15
The natural shades of 100% pure earth minerals are blended together to create a dark body shimmer which effortlessly blends into the existing skin tone of your shoulders, décolletage and legs to give them improved definition and the radiant, sunkissed glow of beautiful skin. This soft, light powder creates incredible...

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