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Our Story

You Can Look Like It's The Most Special Day In Your Life, Every Single Day!

Our journey begins in a London beauty salon. What we used to do, was make sure that future brides looked absolutely stunning on their wedding days. And our motto was simple: “Natural is the new sexy”. As a result, we wanted to use only the most natural, purest and healthiest skin care and makeup products. However, finding them wasn’t easy. We scoured the world to locate the most natural beauty and skin care products, but were utterly disappointed. Almost all makeup, body, beauty and skin care products are filled with chemicals, additives and fillers in order to reduce the production cost. And when it comes to your beautiful and sensitive facial or body skin, can you really afford to risk it?

Experience The Beauties Of Nature, And In Doing So Learn About Yourself. Japanese proverb

“There Must Be A Better Way” We thought to ourselves. And there was. After extensive research and popular demand, we decided to create our own line of beauty, makeup, bath, body and skin care products, based on our principles and values. And while looking for the healthiest and most natural ingredients, we came across an eye-opening discovery. In the Far East, and especially in Japan, women have their own style. They prefer to use natural, pure and organic beauty, makeup and skin care products. As a result, we decided to follow their path and bring this new style of beauty products to the west. That’s why we chose the name Saiya for our beauty brand. Saiya (pronounced sigh-ya) means colour factory in Japanese, and that’s exactly what described our mission. To bring out your natural colours and create the most amazing beauty and makeup products!

Pure, Natural & Healthy Skin Care Products, Straight From Mother Nature To Your Bathroom!

Saiya was born from passion. Our passion to make salon-quality skin care products, high-quality and natural makeup products for effortless blending and natural mineral-based beauty products for a natural and beautiful complexion. We take great pride in avoiding chemicals, additives, fillers, fragrances and dyes in our skin care products, so you can rest assured that your skin is safe from any irritations. We carefully select our ingredients from all over the world, work only with the most trustworthy producers and every single beauty item is produced right here in England in small batches, so you can rest assured that everything’s freshly made.

Above All, We Want To Make You Smile!

We believe in establishing an honest and friendly relationship with our cherished customers, that’s why not only our beauty products are immaculate, but our customer support is also stellar! You’ll always find a helpful specialist or even our founder, Kei, who will offer you expert beauty advice, answer your questions or give your pro makeup tips! Our efforts to keep everything natural, personal and beautiful, is allowing us to win multiple Natural Beauty Awards and be recognised as a pioneering company in natural beauty products.